Anointed Inspired Candles

I have started a new venture that I hope will be a life long entrepreneurial lifestyle. I was approached last week to sell the candles that I have been making as a side hobby. I have not made a lot from it, only a few dollars to keep my hobby going.  But now with this opportunity, it could mean me becoming a full time stay at home mom.  I would love nothing more than to be able to provide for my family, and also stay at home and meet their domestic needs too. It is hard to juggle both.  I am sure most working moms can relate. Either you are being pulled one way or the other. Housework is always something that gets put on the back burner. But not only do you lose sleep over that, but you also worry if you are giving your children and your husband enough time and love. I mean it is one thing to cook a nice meal besides mac n cheese and say ” See I love you” It is another thing to actually be able to sit down with your kids or your spouse and play a game or have a relaxing movie night because all the laundry is done, I mean done…; folded and put away neatly.  Nothing makes me more exhausted than looking at a pile of laundry that I need to wash and another pile in a basket that still needs my attention.  This will be a new chance to get ahead and to make memories.

I am excited to share my passion with my friends and family, but I am hoping this will be something that supplies my needs too. I hope to share this with a greater population and gain some new acquaintances in the process.

Making candles brings me joy. I do not spend all day on it, because I can’t. But when I get the opportunity I feel so accomplished. My candles have been a source of joy for others too. As I have given many away as Christmas and Birthday gifts or hostess gifts. Any time I need to give a gift and have not been able to make it to the store, I grab one of my candles off my bookcase and stick it into a gift bag. The guilt of having to hurry and find a last minute gift is no more; because everyone enjoys a candle.

My candles are one of a kind. They are homemade with love and care.  The scent of each candle is handcrafted, and no two will be exactly alike. They will not lose their scent once you begin to burn them.  My hope is that you will enjoy these anointed scents and that they might inspire you to breathe deep, and find relaxation.



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