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Taken at the Fort Worth Public Library -By Melissa Allred

I am moving on up in this big ol’ world. I have actually published a book! It is available on Amazon. The title is: The Princess and Her Owl. I am also finishing up my second book which will be about Hannah and that’s also the title. My creativity was locked away in a tower where mean, hungry dragons guarded it. The dragons are my health. I was beginning to decline rapidly. But by the grace the God I have found a wonderful doctor. She and her team are working to get me back to my old self. In the meantime, while I rest, I am writing my second book. Writing has been such an important part of my healing journey, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my stories with others. If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed, I would encourage you to find a creative outlet that speaks to you. It doesn’t have to be writing – it could be painting, singing, dancing, or anything else that brings you joy. And if you do decide to write, don’t be afraid to seek out help and guidance along the way. Whether it’s through online resources like Reedsy or in-person writing workshops, there are so many ways to connect with others who share your passion. So go ahead – take that first step. Who knows where your creativity will take you?

If you want to write a book and self-publish it, there are some great tools available online. I am using reedsy.com. There are other book editors out there if you don’t like this one. But I cannot speak on them as I haven’t done research or used them. But I have compiled a list. Along with reedsy.com, I did use Amazon KDP to publish The Princess and Her Owl. I did not use this for Hannah.

While Reedsy is a popular choice for many writers, there are certainly other online resources and tools available for self-publishing your book. Here are a few additional options to consider:

  1. Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing): As I mentioned, Amazon KDP is a popular platform for self-publishing your book. With KDP, you can easily create and upload your book to Amazon, set your own price, and earn royalties on your sales. KDP also offers a range of promotional tools and resources to help you market your book.
  2. Draft2Digital: Draft2Digital is another self-publishing platform that allows you to distribute your book to multiple retailers, including Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble. Draft2Digital offers a range of formatting and design tools, as well as marketing resources and analytics to help you track your sales.
  3. Smashwords: Smashwords is a self-publishing platform that allows you to distribute your ebook to multiple retailers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo. Smashwords offers a range of formatting and conversion tools, as well as marketing resources and sales reporting.
  4. IngramSpark: IngramSpark is a self-publishing platform that allows you to create and distribute both ebooks and print books. IngramSpark offers a range of design and formatting tools, as well as distribution options to retailers and libraries worldwide.

It’s worth noting that each platform has its own strengths and limitations, so it’s important to do your research and choose the one that best suits your needs and goals. Good luck with your self-publishing journey!

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I wrote The Princess And Her Owl after I had taken a photo in 2013 at a Renaissance fair. The photo sparked my imagination for a book. I didn’t know what to write though, as it remained locked inside of me until 2023. I did try to sit down and write the story in 2016 without success.

This is a free copyrighted digital copy of my book Hannah. You have permission to download this book and share it. All rights reserved to Melissa Allred

Hannah is a captivating and inspiring Bible character whose story continues to resonate with many. In this book, readers will be drawn into the narrative of a woman who faced years of heartbreak and despair, yet never lost her faith in God. From her fervent prayers to the birth of her son, Samuel, Hannah’s story is a testament to the power of trust and devotion. With its engaging storytelling and powerful messages, this book is sure to inspire and uplift readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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