Cats and Kitten Care

Cats and kittens have a way of warming a cold heart or a cold foot. Anyone who has ever had a cat at one time in their life, no matter how long ago that might be, can agree that cats are very different from dogs.Cats are misunderstood and get a bad rap. According to one source through the ASPCA, it’s estimated that there are over 78 million dog owners and 85.5 million cat owners in the United States. That is a whopping difference of ten million five hundred thousand! Cats are by far very popular at least in the North American region. China seems to have an overabundance of cats at 53 million based on According to this source, there is an island in Japan called Tashirojima Island where cats live and thrive in large groups. Cats are also a source for art and literature in Japan. Based on just a few…


Anointed Inspired Candles

I have started a new venture that I hope will be a life long entrepreneurial lifestyle. I was approached last week to sell the candles that I have been making as a side hobby. I have not made a lot from it, only a few dollars to keep my hobby going.  But now with this opportunity, it could mean me becoming a full time stay at home mom.  I would love nothing more than to be able to provide for my family, and also stay at home and meet their domestic needs too. It is hard to juggle both.  I am sure most working moms can relate. Either you are being pulled one way or the other. Housework is always something that gets put on the back burner. But not only do you lose sleep over that, but you also worry if you are giving your children and your husband enough time and…



Today I am going to talk about self-care. This is something that is widely taught and encouraged in the medical field. As a CNA we are told to practice self-care on our days off. Because trying to care for others when you are empty is very hard and you will have emotional breakdowns if you do not take care of yourself.


The Heart of Your Home

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Ladies, we are the heart of our home. We are the thermostat. We set the tone and the energy. Face it, when “Mama ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy!” Isn’t that the truth? So when I camped on this verse from Proverbs 31:11 I had to resort to the commentaries.  “The heart of her husband does safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil”. I have included two links below: Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers This writer states that the man trusts his wife with his income. Knowing that she won’t spend it all frivolously and lead them the poor house. Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary This is a much wider view of the verse. But to sum it up quickly, the writer states that the wife of noble character acts right. She is not selfish. She finds ways to make life easier for her husband so that he can go…


I Am Not a Morning Person

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“She gets up while it is still night”…..Yawn! I am staring at that verse while I try and contemplate my day. I am in my bathrobe with my coffee and bible on my lap. “She gets up while it is still night….she provides food for her family”. In my house, it is “fend” for your self before eight o’clock.  I am not a morning person! But the woman of noble character gets up in the middle of the night to start preparing meals for her family.  I think we have to read that in context of the times she was living. Most alarm clocks in America go off around 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. Ours goes off at 6:00 a.m. and is snoozed until 6:45. I do feed the cats and my farm animals at around 7:30, but that is after I have had a shower and had at least a cup…


The Wife of Noble Character

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I have met a few women in my life who fit this description. They have a knack for just about everything from housekeeping to being wonderful mothers and wives. Their homes are immaculate as if no one really lives there. They are interior decorating geniuses. They dress in the latest trend or have created a style all their own that compliments them. And they have no hair out of place,  They are beautiful both inwardly and outwardly. And I am blessed to know such women. I try to be as much like them as my personality will allow. But that is the keyword. Personality.  If you do not know your personality type you can take a quiz here: Your personality will play a big role in how you maintain your home. And unless you are a Melancholy Choleric, you will probably fall into a category between “It’s good enough…” and “We live here, so deal with…


A Woman Worth More than Rubies

As a woman I love jewels. Especially the bright candy-colored one.  A woman labeled and considered worth more than rubies catches my attention too. Who is this woman? She is someone her husband has confidence in. She brings him only good. She knows how to find a good deal when out shopping. And she knows how to make things from material at home so that she is saving money. She is not lazy and she keeps her home nice and neat and provides good nutritious meals for her family. It seems that she is also an entrepreneur, as she buys and sales things and earns a modest income in order to clothe her family in finery.   She seems to be a modern-day woman except that she was born closer to 3000 years ago. I do not think that she could survive in the world we live today. We live such fast-paced lives, plugged…