The Wife of Noble Character

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I have met a few women in my life who fit this description. They have a knack for just about everything from housekeeping to being wonderful mothers and wives. Their homes are immaculate as if no one really lives there. They are interior decorating geniuses. They dress in the latest trend or have created a style all their own that compliments them. And they have no hair out of place,  They are beautiful both inwardly and outwardly. And I am blessed to know such women. I try to be as much like them as my personality will allow. But that is the keyword. Personality.  If you do not know your personality type you can take a quiz here: http://www.gotoquiz.com/results/personality_plus_1.

Your personality will play a big role in how you maintain your home. And unless you are a Melancholy Choleric, you will probably fall into a category between “It’s good enough…” and “We live here, so deal with it!” On the Better Homes and Gardens website I got the following results:

I hate to admit it, but I have to schedule my house cleaning.  I try to keep the kitchen cleaned up and the living room ready for company. But I have only a few days to myself that I can do a deep clean. And the truth is, I just put it off until that day. I pray that no one shows up before calling because I do put pride in my home being at least presentable. But if they come unannounced I am just a nervous wreck!

There are only a few select people in my life that I have allowed to see my home in a state of disarray. These are my closest friends. I do not even allow my parents to see my home so disheveled!

Here are some tips I have developed in the few years that I have been practicing for the Southern Living Home of the year award. ( Yes that is a joke).

  1. Pick up the kitchen before bed. No matter how tired you are. At least get the dishes into the dishwasher and wipe the counters down. If there needs to be two loads, start one and then in the morning empty the dishwasher and load the next batch while your coffee is brewing and before you jump in the shower for work.
  2. Pick up the living area. Have a place for everything even if it is unsightly plastic boxes. Just get the stuff off the floor so if you have an emergency in the middle of the night you are not tripping on stuff or impaling our foot on spiky toys. Teaching your kids to pick up their things is also a good lifelong lesson. For kids, more is caught than taught. If they see you being tidy then they will also become tidier little people. And hopefully grow up to be neat adults.
  3. A house that smells good will be a house that feels good. If you notice an odor then take out the trash or plink your sink. There is a reason for the smell. It might be your pets. (Which is true for me.) empty the litter box or toss the potty pad. Your home should smell nice, it helps with the mood and make your environment happier and healthier.  I make my own air spritzer and deodorizers. I keep some on hand in each room that we frequent. I also religiously dump the litter box. We have four cats and boy do they make a stink!

These three things help to keep things organized and neat and healthy.

More tips tomorrow.


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